Meet The Perth Indies.

Conception, Strategy and Execution. Video shorts. Photography. Blog Content. Social campaign. Syndicated Interviews. Press Coverage.

A vibrant, person-centred story series launched as the cornerstone of Perth city's Christmas 2020 campaign.

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The client brief.

Place Development at Perth & Kinross Council.

Like many of their global counterparts, the place development team at Perth & Kinross Council was under intense pressure to deliver a much-needed Christmas boost to the city's retail sector following the lockdown of 2020.    

Government guidelines brought into force in October 2020 restricted their scope to the boundaries of Perth & Kinross, further increasing the challenge.

The idea.

As the cornerstone of the 'Where Christmas is Made' campaign, the Meet The Perth Indies story series aimed to ride the wave of the love local momentum that had built towards the end of lockdown 2020. 

By placing the spotlight firmly on the independent business community of Perth city centre, we created a vivid, larger than life story with real people at its heart.  

The execution.

A strong mix of carefully crafted content allowed us to spread this bright narrative far and wide. 

Red String co-ordinated this in its entirety, briefing videographer, photographer and businesses, as well setting the syndicate interview questions and liasing with press. 

  • 8 short videos produced
  • 12 photo sessions held
  • 20 interviews captured

The delivery.

As the agency also responsible for advertising, social media and web content, we set about ensuring maximum cross channel exposure and the full repurposing of all content. 

Social content, digital ads for media partners, native content and free media coverage all grew from these stories.  

Each business featured on their own page on with interviews, images and video embedded.  Crucially, these pages also linked to the digital Gift Guide and  

These content-rich pages proved exceptional in terms of SEO, generating 3.5K+ user sessions in organic traffic over the 6 week campaign period.

In addition to this, when a session started on a Meet The Indies blog page, average pages viewed was 3.4 (site average, 2.04).

The results.

Reach Across Social : 205K+

Web Views : 11K+

Media Coverage : Interviews and Photographs secured two double-page spreads in the printed press as well as digital coverage. Video used on regional radio station. 

These are project specific results. It is also important to note that this one element brought much in the way of positive attention to the wider campaign and contributed significantly to the overall results.

The team.

Conception, Strategy and Execution: Nicola Martin

Video Production: Gerry Burke TV

Photography: Fraser Band Photography

Blog Content, Social, Press: Nicola Martin

"Red String's suggestion to hang the city's Christmas campaign on our independent retailers resulted in a bright, exciting story that brought endless attention to our small city." - Emily Queen, City & Towns Development Manager

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