Your Story is Our Story

We think the relationship between agency and client is one that deserves a business-like level of care and attention

Originating from Chinese legend, the Red String of Fate was an invisible red cord tied by the ancient gods between individuals who are destined to meet or help each other in the future.

Usually reserved for soul mates, we believe the relationship between agency and client deserves a business-like level of this care and attention. We want to become not just the agency who works for you but rather an extension of your business and part of the team with an integral place in your strategy. 

The Red String Agency was founded in 2019 by Nicola Martin, a marketing and PR expert with over 20 years experience in the field. A natural born storyteller and intuitively creative, Nicola is passionate about brand building and loves to delve under the skin of a project, always looking at new, innovative ways to present your business to the world.

Nicola is proud to work alongside our dedicated, enthusiastic team of professionals who together with their own skills and specialist knowledge ensure an enduring thread of connection which interweaves your business with ours and in so doing, your story naturally becomes our story.



Conception, Strategy and Execution. Video shorts. Photography. Blog Content. Social campaign. Syndicated Interviews. Press Coverage.

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